Reasons Long Beach Realtors Should Have a Solid Roofing and Solar Contractor Partnership

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For local real estate agents in Long Beach, CA, having access to a reliable roofing and solar contractor is essential. A good roofing and solar contractor can make the home-selling and home-buying processes smoother for an agent’s clients by providing priority service, enhanced curb appeal, and improved overall customer satisfaction.

At BYLTup, a local, family-owned solar roofing company, we understand the relationship between a contractor and a real estate agent very well. Our mother was an agent for many years and our sister, Michele Klein, is, and has been, a highly regarded Title rep in the Long Beach area for several years. Having witnessed the real estate industry and its nuances through their experiences has allowed us to gain a broader understanding of the value an agent and his or her services and contractor relationships provide to their clients.

For starters, a high-quality roofing and solar contractor will provide priority service when it comes to installations, inspections, and repairs. This means that an agent’s needs are addressed quickly, appointments are kept on time, work is completed efficiently, roofs are left in great sellable condition, and the agent’s clients have peace of mind knowing that their roof is in top shape. As Ben Fisher of The Ben Fisher Team attests, “time matters in a real estate transaction and trusting in your contractor to deliver quickly and efficiently can sometimes be the difference between a property closing smoothly, delaying the close, or worse, falling out of escrow.”

Because we at BYLTup have extensive experience running multiple projects at once and managing roofing assets for property managers and real estate asset managers, we look to build in efficiencies and automation wherever possible. For example, our use of Job Progress (our customer and project management software) and CompanyCam (our in-field data capture app), make our teams more efficient and ultimately provide valuable data to our real estate agent partners and their clients.

A quality roofing contractor adds value to the property. Good roofers will provide exceptional manufacturer warranties for new roofs that transfer with the change of ownership, like the premier Golden Pledge warranty we offer as a GAF Master Elite Contractor. Additionally, a quality roofing contractor will bring value to a property through the use of high-quality materials, advanced installation methods, and state-of-the-art systems such as solar roofing, when applicable to increase the energy efficiency of a home and improve market differentiation. These enhancements boost curb appeal, making houses more attractive to potential buyers and giving realtors a leg up in a competitive real estate market such as Long Beach.

Furthermore, by working with a reliable roofer, customers are more likely to have a better customer experience with an agent in the long run as they are less likely to experience leak issues or need additional repairs down the line. This leads to happier clients who appreciate their real estate agents for providing them with such quality service, and a roofing contracting partner who is there for the clients long after the sale is completed. “One of the most important aspects of our job is being a resource for everything and anything that has to do with our trade. We can’t stress enough how crucial something like roofing can be when it comes down to big decisions for our clients, which is why the BYLTup team makes our jobs more enjoyable knowing we have not only roofing covered, but solar as well,” states Fisher.

A good roofing and solar contractor is an invaluable partner for any real estate agent in the Long Beach area and we look forward to continuing to build those partnerships with local agents and their clients.

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