The Roofing Industry is Booming & BYLTup is Hiring!

BYLTup team learning during hands on training

In 2023, Roofing was ranked 9th for best in-demand jobs with the fastest-growing wages. With a 19% year-over-year wage growth rate and according to a total 2023 industry market value of $23.35 billion, it is just one more reason to join a company like BYLTup!

Roofing Crew

Over the last few years, the BYLTup team has witnessed this exciting growth in the roofing industry, and in response, BYLTup has also grown to meet that demand. Our team has been in the weeds of roofing changes and trends. We have been working with influential industry leaders. We have kept updated on manufacturing and production news, and all of these aspects point to a boom we can feel from inside the industry.

Market data confirms this experience from the outside.

Wage Growth Chart


The data also highlights a need for more skilled professionals in the industry. BYLTup has partnered with GAF to provide free training for aspiring roofing professionals and address the labor shortage. Through GAF Roofing Academy, BYLTup taught the residential steep-slope roofing class, where students weren't required to have experience, simply a passion to learn the trade.

Roofing Crew

The benefits were immediate. The course concluded with a career fair, which allowed students to meet with potential employers and potentially get hired on the spot, and BYLTup is still looking to add more members to the team!

Career Fair

We are currently hiring for an Assistant Production Manager and a Roof Repair/Rain Gutter Technician. If you or someone you know is interested, contact us at (562) 414-4425 or learn more at

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The BYLTup team is here to make sure you, your family, home or business are well taken care of. From design and repair to installation, we set the standard for high-quality roofing solutions.

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